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Reçu en juillet 2015

To my Dad

Dearest father, do you still smell roses from my Mum’s heart
Her sweet scented breath whenever she spoke to you?

Do you still read in the pair of round mirrors on her face
The same love from the very first day you met
The same trust she inspired you since
The same care and loyalty, all untarnished

The great lady wore all that and more, didn’t she Dad
She was a flower that bloomed happiness for us and you
She was a star that shone over dark moments you shared
The sunshine that kept warm the eight Hearts you both made

Thank you both for the legacy I must accomplish
To walk in the shadow of your guidance
To never step over the border line
And never bring shame to the family

I have children you had chance to meet
Before you were made to leave before time
What you taught me is now passed onto them
When they are right, when they are wrong
I act sweetly or hard just as I saw you do
With hope that the impact, in their later years
Will reveal the results of your work and mine

I can still hear your wise words in silence
The litany of rules of do’s and don’ts…
The advice, the praises and reprimands
Oh how grateful I am for that education

I want you to know they have guided me well
I tried my best to follow the path you recommended
To honour your wishes and lead a noble life
Until I join you in the yet unknown dwelling

With profound love

The 5th Heart: MbhmBhmbH


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